Seven new laptops for computertraining Merauke


Papua Mandiri Sentosa did not have enough computers to serve the participants of her training. Hapin stepped in and seven additional laptops have now been purchased.

Pujaprema teaches boys and girls to lead by example


At the end of 2021, Pujaprema started a program in which more than 90 teachers in pre-primary and primary education were trained to teach children that girls and boys are equal. Much needed in a society in which women are still often disadvantaged.

IMAGE STORY | Young Papuans into action for their heritage


For Papuans, art is a way to show where they come from. Patterns, use of color and cutting techniques give away their origin: from region to tribe. But art is also used by them to represent their desire for recognition and justice. The Alyakha Art Center is an initiative of young and creative Papuans who want to introduce new generations to art and techniques.

Lots of enthusiasm for organic fertilization course in the Mariat district


Recently we told about the organic fertilization course, which was organized by a group of women farmers in the Sorong area. The aim of the course was to help local farmers increase their yields without the soil being polluted or exhausted by incorrect fertilizer products. Hapin decided to contribute financially to this project of the Yahet Farmer Group and was impressed by the speed and efficiency with which the course was realized.

The power of radio: advertising against gender-based violence


Two thirds of the women in Papua have experienced gender-based violence at some point. The domestic violence rate in Papua is one of the highest of all provinces in Indonesia. A problem that is being intensified by COVID-19. The number of incidents has risen and victims, who often cannot leave for economic reasons, suffer even more from the lockdown. They are home-bound and have little contact with the outside world.

New camera for journalist Yosef Levi


Yosef Levi works as a researcher for a journalist community in Jayapura. He combines his anthropological knowledge with his interest in the world of video and film. Hapin financed the purchase of a new camera including a sound recorder. In return, Yosef records several of Hapin's projects on video.

Essaybook: with fresh ideas to full classrooms


The Albert Fiharsono Institute in Merauke put together a book full of anecdotes, stories and advice from teachers from all over Papua, based on their own experiences. This collection of essays brings forward fresh ideas to bring back the joy of learning to students.

Buper: the world as a chalkboard


Last year Hapin supported the construction of two wooden classrooms for a group of street children in Buper (a kampong near Jayapura). Although the corona crisis delayed the construction, the rooms are now almost ready for use.

Sewing class for Asmat mothers


Edo Mote is no stranger to Hapin. In the past he received a scholarship and since then we have been supporting Edo with various projects for the Asmat community in Merauke. This year Edo keeps busy: he recently set up a sewing class for Asmat mothers. Hapin has been asked to help with the purchase of sewing machines and other course costs. During 6 months, 8-10 women will learn how to make products that can be marketed. So that the participants generate income for their family, relatives or village.

Literacy course for and by women


To this day, men have an important position in the Papuan culture. Socially, economically and politically they have a lot of authority, which unfortunately sometimes leads to violence against and a disadvantaged position for women. Rode Wanimbo, head of the Women Department of the GIDI churches, saw from an early age how poorly women are sometimes treated. And how this can lead to a deep-rooted feeling of inferiority. That is why Rode is committed to programs that help to strengthen the self-confidence and self-esteem of Papuan women.

Brave book presentation in Abepura


On August 5th, the book ‘Mambesak - symbol of cultural awakening of the Papua people’ was baptized in Abepura (Papua). Hapin contributed financially to this event.

Support for small-scale hydroponics and chicken farm in Sentani


Welly Manufandu is no stranger to Hapin. As a competent travel guide, she has guided dozens of foreign tourists to the most beautiful places in Papua in recent years, but has also introduced them to the world of Papuans in remote mountain villages.

Photographer Vembri receives camera


Albertus Vembrianto (Vembri) from Timika Papua is a photographer and a storyteller. That combination makes it so special. His photos are a message he sends out to the world: "Look closely in the eyes of these people and see what is happening in Papua."

Underprivileged youth from the Star mountains set to work


The province of Oksibil, high in the Star Mountains, is difficult to reach. Twenty years ago, hundreds of Papuans fled from this area to neighboring Papua New Guinea because of the violent actions of the Indonesian army.



The Kampongs Amai, Tablasapu, and Yepase in Depapre district finally received what they had urgently asked Hapin for. All villages received water filters and solar energy lamps, which means clean (drinking) water, electricity and light!

West Papua Updates


This project proposal was send by a group of 6 young and enthusiastic Papua journalists who make movies for social media such as YouTube and Facebook on a voluntary basis.

Solar panels for Papua


Good interior lighting would be an unprecedented convenience for thousands of Papuan families and would make life considerably more pleasant.

Hapin supports bee farmers


Hapin supports DANI WAH, a group of bee farmers/entrepreneurs from Hitigima, Wamena.

Bookkeeping training in Papua


On 14th en 15th of October our fieldpartner pt. Hapin gave a bookkeeping training to four staffmembers of a kiosk in Papua.

Hopes for Children from Raja Ampat


In February our team of fieldpartner, Pt. Hapin, visited the village of Yenbeser to assess a proposal from a group of teachers from Marthen Luther Pre-School in Raja Ampat.

New students on GrantGesture


In 2013, we introduce you to Grant Gesture, an online fundraising platform that makes it possible to sponsor and monitor an individual student. With the knowledge they gain, they not only want to realize their own dreams, but also that of Papua.

Coklat Belanda


Sponsor of Hapin, Iko Zijlstra, recently pointed us to a cocoa project in Aimbe. The cocoa cooperative, led by Derek Wanyambe, suffers for years from a poor harvest. The plants had a survival rate of up to five years, the yield and the quality of the bean was low and the plant was not resistant to disease.

Learning by playing


More and more international companies are investing in Papua. Therefore knowledge of English is very important, more so in the future. The courses offered in the capital Jayapura are aimed at young adults. A child's brain however picks up a foreign languages much easier.

Mama Salomina receives microcredit


Mama Salomina Arompauw (57) is originally from Biak. She has 4 children. To help his husband, who is a farmer as well fisherman, she moved to Jayapura all by herself a year ago to make extra income. She decided to sell hot coffee and tea with noodles in the Pasar MamaMama.

New school


Hapin will help to maintain the HBS SMAGabungan in Jayapura. 80 percent of all students on that school are Papuans. Unfortunately, the state of the building and the quality of education has been neglected for quite some time.



The village Arso IX lies near the border with Papua New Guinea and is populated by transmigrants from all parts of Indonesia.

Lawyers in Papua


In many ways Papuans are unlike other Indonesians, whereas they are equal before law. It is the responsibility of the Indonesian government to protect minorities and to ensure that every citizen has equal rights. If or when authorities fail to ensure human rights, the work of local NGO's are of utmost importance.

Mama Mama Papua


For market women from Papua it is not easy to sell products in modern Jayapura. The competition is fierce, especially since non-Papuans sell the same merchandise at a better place on the market.

Flasflood destroys village


Early March the Kemiri river overflowed. The surrounding villages weren't prepared for a flasflood and certainly couldn't oversee the disastrous consequences.

Learn and work


A group of concerned teachers from the village Yetti asked Hapin to contribute to a learn-work project. They see their environment change. All around them are large areas of wasteland, palm oil plantations are expanding and the local population is becoming marginalized. With the help of the learn-work project that focuses on stock breeding, the Papuans want to become economically independent.

Refugees in Papua New Guinea


Since 2008 Papua Support Foundation finances an educational project in Kiunga in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The educational programme is organized in cooperation with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Daru Kiunga.

Papua Pride, a successful day


In November of last year the Papua Pride event took place in the Jacobi Church in Utrecht. An event during which, 40 years after the Act of Free Choice, the future of Papua and the Papua people was given extensive consideration.

Stiper Agricultural College


Stiper is an abbreviation for Sekolah Tingghi Ilmu Pertanian, or in English Agricutural College. This educational facility provides in four majors: agriculture, corporate economy, livestock, fishery and fish farming.

Muliama Elementary School


Muliama Elemetary School in Asologaima (Baliem Valley) is a bit of an odd one out. It maintains the rule of “education is there for the students and not the other way round.

Baseline survey and communal mapping


Adat land in Papua is hardly ever captured on paper let alone acknowledged in Papua. This is especially dangerous when companies, mostly supported by the government, would want to occupy the land for a plantation or mining.

Gender and Economy


In the villages Urumb, Waninggap and Matara a NGO called Yasanto gave a training on Gender and Economics. 120 people participated in the training.

Horticultural school Kimaam


Twenty students grew up on the island Kimaam (Frederik Hendrik Island), but are studying in Merauke. Dutch veterans have finances their house. This project provides the students with their own income by cultivating vegetables and keeping chickens.



Between Merauke and the border with Papua New Guinea is the Wasur National Park. The villages in the area are poor, but generally people can survive what nature has to offer them.

Inventor / Scientist


The Willie Wortel of Papua: Yusuf Asso. Asso fills batteries and repairs radios. Energy comes from solar panels donated by Hapin.

Farming rice


With the new peelers growing rice in Papua becomes more easy. The farmers can now hul the rice with a machine. That saves a lot of time and money. Transportation and outsourcing the peeling process pressed their profits. Hapin provided a grant for the purchase of the peeler.

Curriculum in native language


Willem Wetipo is a passionate headmaster. He loves the children of his school and wants them to have a chance on a good future. His form education is child-centered and consistent with their own culture and experiences

Orange- and cashewfarm


The demand for oranges is diminishing. His livelihood is at risk. With a small grant from Hapin he switched over to the cultivation of cashew nuts. His future looks brighter again. Help more entrepreneurs in Papua to a restart.



The Pondok Jualan group in Manokwari consists of 20 women. They all received a starting capital from Hapin to set up their own stall with fruits, vegetables, homemade lemonade and floral art.

Garage company


Introducing Gervase Basik Basik, a mechanic from Merauke. His heart's desire is a private garage. A simple building can be realised for 800 euros. Would you help Gervase to become an entrepreneur?

School voor dropouts


Town: Kurulu Year: 2007 The PLS-PKB school for dropouts in [...]

Selling fish and meat


New opportunities for Potong Babi in Manokwari. With a new freezer, donated by Hapin, Jolanda Rumbaropen can store pork and fish longer. Home sales are booming in Papua. Three families of Manokwari can now live of the sales of this business!

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