Hapin has already been supporting students, small entrepreneurs and educational projects in Papua for 45 years. We concentrate on promoting the access to education, the economic improvement in the position of families, groups and communities on a village level and on strengthening the civil society. The assistance is of a small-scale nature.

Scholarship programme

Going to higher education is not a given fact for young Papuans. The access to higher education is limited and the costs of the courses and living are high. This is why Hapin started a scholarship programme. It is intended for disadvantaged young people from disadvantaged regions, who have a sufficient starting qualification and are motivated. Degree programmes which are useful for building up the society of Papua have priority.

Information to the Dutch public

Hapin thinks that it is important to make the Dutch people more aware of the fate of the Papuans. Hereby it is important to know about the historical relationship between Papua (New Guinea) and the Netherlands, but also about the resultant responsibilities, whether or not in a European context. Hapin provides information by giving presentations at schools, organisations and societies. She also offers information through its own website and the newsletter HapiNieuws, which donors receive three times a year. Hapin is also often present at manifestations.