Stichting Hapin Nieuwsbrieven

Hapin has already been supporting students, small entrepreneurs and educational projects in Papua for 50 years. We concentrate on promoting the access to education, economic improvement in the position of families, groups and communities on a village level and strengthening the civil society. The assistance is of a small-scale nature.

An updated list of our projects can be found on the Dutch version of our website.



Hapin-student: meet Sastia

Sastia Mei Konmop approached Hapin in the last phase of her studies. Until then she had been able to successfully study chemistry at Cendrawasih University.


A scholarship for Yeri Dawu: student agricultural studies

Earlier this year Nova and Irma, Hapin consultants in Papua, visited an asrama (student house) in Jayapura. There witnessed a distressing situation: several Asmat students living here had great difficulty financing their studies. In order to be able to pay their tuition fees, they saved on their daily food, among other things. One of the students that Nova and Irma met here is Yeremias (Yeri) Dawu. Yeri was in big trouble at the time. Not only could he not pay the tuition fees for the new semester, he also had debts for previous years of study.


Hapin-student: meet Alda

Teaching geography to primary school students: that is Alda Saroy's big dream. Initially, it was her mother who urged Alda to study to become a teacher. But now she's got a taste for it herself. She is studying geography at UNCEN University in Abepura and enjoys attending lectures, acquiring knowledge, doing an internship and interacting with fellow students.


IMAGE STORY | Young Papuans into action for their heritage

For Papuans, art is a way to show where they come from. Patterns, use of color and cutting techniques give away their origin: from region to tribe. But art is also used by them to represent their desire for recognition and justice. The Alyakha Art Center is an initiative of young and creative Papuans who want to introduce new generations to art and techniques.


Lots of enthusiasm for organic fertilization course in the Mariat district

Recently we told about the organic fertilization course, which was organized by a group of women farmers in the Sorong area. The aim of the course was to help local farmers increase their yields without the soil being polluted or exhausted by incorrect fertilizer products. Hapin decided to contribute financially to this project of the Yahet Farmer Group and was impressed by the speed and efficiency with which the course was realized.


Student: Otis

Otis Breiram studied computer science at the STIMIK college in Jayapura. He still lives at home with his mother, brother and sister. His father died. Mother, who is in need of help, was alone to take care of the family.


The power of radio: advertising against gender-based violence

Two thirds of the women in Papua have experienced gender-based violence at some point. The domestic violence rate in Papua is one of the highest of all provinces in Indonesia. A problem that is being intensified by COVID-19. The number of incidents has risen and victims, who often cannot leave for economic reasons, suffer even more from the lockdown. They are home-bound and have little contact with the outside world.


New camera for journalist Yosef Levi

Yosef Levi works as a researcher for a journalist community in Jayapura. He combines his anthropological knowledge with his interest in the world of video and film. Hapin financed the purchase of a new camera including a sound recorder. In return, Yosef records several of Hapin's projects on video.


Essaybook: with fresh ideas to full classrooms

The Albert Fiharsono Institute in Merauke put together a book full of anecdotes, stories and advice from teachers from all over Papua, based on their own experiences. This collection of essays brings forward fresh ideas to bring back the joy of learning to students.


Buper: the world as a chalkboard

Last year Hapin supported the construction of two wooden classrooms for a group of street children in Buper (a kampong near Jayapura). Although the corona crisis delayed the construction, the rooms are now almost ready for use.


Sewing class for Asmat mothers

Edo Mote is no stranger to Hapin. In the past he received a scholarship and since then we have been supporting Edo with various projects for the Asmat community in Merauke. This year Edo keeps busy: he recently set up a sewing class for Asmat mothers. Hapin has been asked to help with the purchase of sewing machines and other course costs. During 6 months, 8-10 women will learn how to make products that can be marketed. So that the participants generate income for their family, relatives or village.


Literacy course for and by women

To this day, men have an important position in the Papuan culture. Socially, economically and politically they have a lot of authority, which unfortunately sometimes leads to violence against and a disadvantaged position for women. Rode Wanimbo, head of the Women Department of the GIDI churches, saw from an early age how poorly women are sometimes treated. And how this can lead to a deep-rooted feeling of inferiority. That is why Rode is committed to programs that help to strengthen the self-confidence and self-esteem of Papuan women.


Exploring Samenage

Last year, Tri Arisanti rang the bell at Hapin. Tri had recently returned to Jayapura, after working as a volunteer teacher for several years in Samenage (near Wamena).


Student: Melani Teresa Baransano

Melani was born and raised in Jayapura. Because her father is a fisherman, his income varies from month to month. That is why Melani applied for Hapin's scholarship program. Currently she studies Management at the Negeri Yapis Papua in Jayapura.



About 8,000 people from the Asmat-tribe live in Merauke (South Papua). They moved from small villages in the Asmat region to the city, looking for work and a better life. Unfortunately, they often end up in deprived areas of Merauke due to lack of land and education.


Mendidik ala Papua

Year: 2020 🌳 or 🌴? Depending on where you were born you will choose the first or the latter. This is contextual learning. Teaching methods that adapt to and develop learning styles in accordance with [...]


Student – Edo Mote

The Hapin scholarship program usually focuses on students in the first phase of their studies, the bachelor phase. Yet sometimes there are special requests and we deviate from this rule.


Photographer Vembri receives camera

Albertus Vembrianto (Vembri) from Timika Papua is a photographer and a storyteller. That combination makes it so special. His photos are a message he sends out to the world: "Look closely in the eyes of these people and see what is happening in Papua."


West Papua Updates

This project proposal was send by a group of 6 young and enthusiastic Papua journalists who make movies for social media such as YouTube and Facebook on a voluntary basis.


Boxing school in Jayapura

A large number of young people from and around Jayapura are at risk of becoming entangled in various forms of addiction such as gambling, drugs and alcohol.


Daycare and lessons in Papua

Augustinus Kadepa, Alexander Giayai, Orgenes Ukago, Hendrikus Yeimo, Alfonsa Wayab, Cherly Hommers and Egrada Maurits have a heart for children.


Gynecologist Yohanes Mambrassar

As a doctor, he is confronted with the poor health care in Papua, in particular mother and child care. The maternal and childbirth mortality rate is exceptionally high.


Education Kokoda

The Kokoda is a community located in the south of the city of Sorong. The influx of migrants and the rapid developments in society have left the Kokodas in tribulation.


Solar panels for Papua

Good interior lighting would be an unprecedented convenience for thousands of Papuan families and would make life considerably more pleasant.


Fish farm Mujair Nila

The fish farm Mujair Nila is active in Demta. The members of this group of fish farmers come from 7 different kampongs from the district.


School for Ibelak

Elly Esema, alumni of Hapin / Grantgesture, has built a simple school building in Ibelak, a mountain village in the Baliem Valley.


Science Olympiade for Papua students

Every year, hundreds of talented students and students all over the world compete for a place on the honorary podium of the Science Olympiad. These competitions are organized at both national and international level.


Support for fishmongers

A number of fishmongers on the market have asked Hapin for support in developing a method to make the smoked fish have a longer shelf life and make sales more attractive.


Student: Timo

Timotius Yoafifi, better known as Timo, is 21 years old and an only child. This is unusual in Papua. His father works as an independent entrepreneur and his mother is a housewife.


Marketwoman Mama Mama Papua

One of Hapin's ongoing projects is the microcredit project. Organized groups of women receive small loans and invest that in (small-scale) entrepreneurship.


Hapin support clinic in Alobaga

The kampong Alobaga is located in the district of Koyage, in the central mountainous region of Papua. Koyage consists of 20 villages, located in an inhospitable and difficult to access region.


Doctor Mia

Hapin considers it important to invest in people who serve the community in Papua and are close to the people. Such a person is Doctor Maria Rumateray.


Kiosk PATO – Kampong Aimbe

The PATO cocoa cooperative started a sales point (kiosk) in 2013. At the end of that year, they requested support from Pt. Hapin to improve their business operations.


Better education

The quality of education in Indonesia and in particular in Papua is poor. The illiteracy rate is the highest in the country.


GrantGesture: Saveria Nunggut

Saveria grew up in the Asmat, a region in the South op Papua. She decided to specialize in Criminal Law because she would like to be a Law Consultant.


New students on GrantGesture

In 2013, we introduce you to Grant Gesture, an online fundraising platform that makes it possible to sponsor and monitor an individual student. With the knowledge they gain, they not only want to realize their own dreams, but also that of Papua.


Coklat Belanda

Sponsor of Hapin, Iko Zijlstra, recently pointed us to a cocoa project in Aimbe. The cocoa cooperative, led by Derek Wanyambe, suffers for years from a poor harvest. The plants had a survival rate of up to five years, the yield and the quality of the bean was low and the plant was not resistant to disease.



GrantGesture is an online fundraising platform for our scholarship program. Through the website it is possible to sponsor and monitor an individual student.


Yunita’s dream

Yunita Irap was born in Genyem, the outskirts of Jayapura. Her father is a farmer and her mother is a housewife. To cut down living expences she shares a room in the city with her cousin. Yunita receives some financial support from her father but it is not enough for her tuition fee.


Learning by playing

More and more international companies are investing in Papua. Therefore knowledge of English is very important, more so in the future. The courses offered in the capital Jayapura are aimed at young adults. A child's brain however picks up a foreign languages much easier.


Mama Salomina receives microcredit

Mama Salomina Arompauw (57) is originally from Biak. She has 4 children. To help his husband, who is a farmer as well fisherman, she moved to Jayapura all by herself a year ago to make extra income. She decided to sell hot coffee and tea with noodles in the Pasar MamaMama.


Student: Demianus Nawipa

Faculty: Geology Demianus Nawipa grew up without parents in the Paniai region of Papua. His relatives took care of him at the time and his nephew supports him financially. Demianus is a smart young man [...]


Mama Mama Papua

For market women from Papua it is not easy to sell products in modern Jayapura. The competition is fierce, especially since non-Papuans sell the same merchandise at a better place on the market.