Listen to the story of Papua, easternmost province of Indonesia. Papua is an overwhelming country. It is unprecedented in beauty and diversity. The natural resources are inexhaustible. The Papuans live in harmonious connection with their village, community and ancestors. They take your heart forever.

But the natural balance between humans and their habitat is disturbed by changes from the outside and inside. Transmigrants from elsewhere displace the indigenous population from the labour market. The Papuans are marginalised and their voices are not heard. The appeal of modern times threatens the survival of traditional societies. Hapin listens to the Papuans and helps them to keep the road to the future open.

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If there is one thing we can learn from the Papuans, it’s that nature provides everything people need. Many Papuans and their families are living from their own land. Being able to provide for your own needs means that you are economically independent. And even more so when you can sell part of your harvest. By using organic fertilizers, farmers can take better care of their crops and take their business to a higher level. That is why the Yahet Farmer Group decided to organize a training for 25 farmers in the Mariat district (near Sorong), who grow coffee beans in a traditional way.

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Papua is one of the largest islands in the world. The island stretches from the eternal snow fields on top of the Puncak Jaya to the tropical beaches of Raja Ampat. Enriched by deep valleys, special animal species and a diverse culture.

Hapin was founded in 1972 by Dutchmen and Papuans who feel connected to the fate of the original population of the former Dutch New Guinea.

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For 45 years we have been supporting students, entrepreneurs, mothers, children and schools in Papua.

Hapin has granted scholarships to at least 2,000 students. Already we have provided 160 microcredits and supported 1,200 projects.

View the projects and students we have supported over the years.

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About Hapin

Listen to the story of Papua. Province of Indonesia. The land of the Papuans. Snowy high mountains and meandering rivers. In one of the largest rainforests in the world, the bird of paradise shows off her feathers, the queen among the birds. Papua, with its fantastic diversity of peoples, cultures, languages, traditions and stories. So colorful, so unique, so rich. The Papuan, get to know him, and you’ll never forget him again. Friendly and gentle.

But a tragedy looms. The familiar environment of the Papuans is at risk from large-scale logging and mining. Their precious ancestral land is no longer safe for the interests of the multinationals and greedy army officers. Economically, people from outside push the Papuans to the margin. Education and health care are substandard. Resistance and protest against this discrimination is forcibly suppressed. Papua Support Foundation (Hapin) wants the voice of the Papuan people to be heard and stands next to them in their struggle to direct their own future. Since 1972.

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  • Aliene Bruinink | Hapin

On my birthday I wanted to give something back to the Papuans

Aliene Bruinink was born in 1967 in Kouh, in the inlands of Papua. This year she decided on her birthday that she wanted to give something back to the Papuans. Instead of birthday gifts, she asked her family and friends to donate to Hapin. With good result!

  • Theo vd Broek | Hapin

COVID-19: Papua in lockdown

Theo van den Broek (74), Hapin advisor and civil society consultant in Papua, lives and works in Jayapura. He tells firsthand how COVID-19 is currently spreading.

  • Ursula - sewing class | Hapin

Sewing class for Asmat-mothers: meet Ursula

Ursula is the youngest in the sewing class. She has just completed her SMP (similar to junior high school). This story is part of a series that introduces you to six Asmat women who take a sewing class in Merauke.

  • Maria - sewing class | Hapin

Sewing class for Asmat-mothers: meet Maria

Maria, now 20 years old, married at a young age. For many young girls, self-protection is an important reason to get engaged early. This story is part of a series that introduces you to six Asmat women who take a sewing class in Merauke.

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