Stichting Hapin Nieuwsbrieven

Are you interested in travelling to Papua? Will this be yout very first visit to Papua, or perhaps it is a sentimental journey. Whatever the occassion, we are happy to share our travel knowledge with you. We are almost certain, once you have visited Papua you will become enthusiastic about Papua and for Hapin.

Travelling to Papua

Travel information West Papua and Papua

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Visa to Papua

Upon arrival in Indonesia, you will arrange your visa (visa on arrival). The most likely scenario is that you receive a visa for 7 days up to a month. It is useful to have US $ 25 in cash upon arrival for this visa. This way you do not need to exchange your currency to Us dollars. You do not need to take more euro or dollars in cash for the rest of the trip. You will only need your debet card.

Garuda is the only flightcompany that offers a visa service on board. When you leave the plane in Jakarta you already have a visa voucher in your possession. If you go to Papua you must officially arrange a visa at the Indonesian embassy in The Hague, but unofficially you can just travel with the visa on arrival. Just don’t mention on your immigration card that you are going to Papua.