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Hapin & Papua

Hapin was founded in 1972 in Veere by Dutch citizens and Papuans in the Netherlands as a reaction against the New York Agreement and the ‘Act of Free Choice’.

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Are you thinking of planning a trip to Papua? This might be the first time you go to Papua, or you are planning a trip down memory lane. We can help plan your trip by giving advise or connecting you to local guides.

Diving in Papua

The Raja Ampat islands at the west of Sorong, West-Papua, have reefs that contain the richest biodiversity in the world. There are more than 610 islands of which Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool are the largest. No less than 505 coral species were found in the reefs, which equals 64 percent of all coral species in the world. Moreover, about 1,065 species of fish were counted in the waters of the Radja Ampat islands, which is unparalleled in the world.

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Are you planning on travelling to Papua and are you still looking for a good guide? We collect as much information as possible from local guides / travel agencies so that your visit contributes to the local economy.

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One of the objectives of Hapin is to inform the Dutch public about Papua. That is why we collect and publish relevant articles on our website