Stichting Hapin Nieuwsbrieven

Papua has a colourful, extremely varied and impressive landscape. Flora and fauna are of an unprecedented beauty. The country has enormous amounts of mineral resources in and above the ground and one of the most extensive rainforests in the world. The population has a large cultural and ethnic diversity with hundreds of mutually different linguistic communities. The Papuans are known for their warmth and hospitality.

However, there are also major risks and threats. Education, health care and economic development lag well behind the rest of Indonesia. Papuans are at risk of becoming a minority in their own country as a result of mass immigration. Intensive mining and forestry cause serious environmental damage and drive the Papuans away from their ancestral territory. Their cultural and political sense of freedom is systematically countered by intimidation, violence, random detentions and other violations of human rights.

Hapin thinks that it is very important to raise awareness in the Netherlands about the seriousness of the situation in Papua and reflect on how it can support the Papuans. We offer information in various ways:

  • Presentations, for example at schools, societies or in churches;
  • the newsletter, which donors receive three times a year and which everyone can read online;
  • manifestations.