Project Description

Year: 2014

Location: Yenbeser

In February our team of fieldpartner, pt. Hapin, visited the village of Yenbeser to assess a proposal from a group of teachers from the Marthen Luther Pre-School in Raja Ampat. They were in need for school materials, sanitation, support for the teachers who are in fact volunteers and a school yard.

Following April the proposal has been approved based on the result of the assessment. And so the project was started. The financial support from Pt. Hapin was prescribed for school materials, books and stationary, incentive for teachers and Additional Food Program for students. Furthermore Pt. Hapin provided information on how to get in contact with local government offices concerned with school programmes. The teachers’ group finds it difficult to access educational supports from local government office in Waisai (the capital of Raja Ampat Regency).

Early in July, pt. Hapin planned a monitoring trip back to Raja Ampat. The teachers and students feel grateful to have received support from pt. Hapin and are more motivated to attend school. From the recent test given to students, teachers could see how the new materials helped to enrich the learning experience of children. Children are also happy to receive an additional meal on Fridays, which consists of green beans in coconut milk, red rice, boiled eggs and milk. They even have a water dispenser so that they no longer have to feel thirsty in between school hours.

On the 26th of June, 2 boys and 7 girls graduated and are entering Elementary school. That was the first graduation ceremony of Marthen Luther Pre-school. They got diplomas and report books. Parents were also invited and attended this ceremony, eating together at school. Children were very enthusiastic to show parents their new school materials and appliances, provided through the grant of pt. Hapin.

Furthermore pt. Hapin is directing the group to be self-reliant. During assessment activities in February, the group has discussed about this challenge and decided to start their own kiosk. Income from the kiosk will be used as support for teachers (so they can teach without any worry about family livelihood) and for school operational.

Next to this selfsustainable project the school owns a housestay. So when you are planning a trip to the Raja Ampat, don’t forget to book a holiday at this beautiful homestay, Dore Atri Homestay, in Raja Ampat and visit the school.