Seven new laptops for computertraining Merauke


Papua Mandiri Sentosa did not have enough computers to serve the participants of her training. Hapin stepped in and seven additional laptops have now been purchased.

Pujaprema teaches boys and girls to lead by example


At the end of 2021, Pujaprema started a program in which more than 90 teachers in pre-primary and primary education were trained to teach children that girls and boys are equal. Much needed in a society in which women are still often disadvantaged.

Essaybook: with fresh ideas to full classrooms


The Albert Fiharsono Institute in Merauke put together a book full of anecdotes, stories and advice from teachers from all over Papua, based on their own experiences. This collection of essays brings forward fresh ideas to bring back the joy of learning to students.

Buper: the world as a chalkboard


Last year Hapin supported the construction of two wooden classrooms for a group of street children in Buper (a kampong near Jayapura). Although the corona crisis delayed the construction, the rooms are now almost ready for use.

Literacy course for and by women


To this day, men have an important position in the Papuan culture. Socially, economically and politically they have a lot of authority, which unfortunately sometimes leads to violence against and a disadvantaged position for women. Rode Wanimbo, head of the Women Department of the GIDI churches, saw from an early age how poorly women are sometimes treated. And how this can lead to a deep-rooted feeling of inferiority. That is why Rode is committed to programs that help to strengthen the self-confidence and self-esteem of Papuan women.

Exploring Samenage


Last year, Tri Arisanti rang the bell at Hapin. Tri had recently returned to Jayapura, after working as a volunteer teacher for several years in Samenage (near Wamena).



About 8,000 people from the Asmat-tribe live in Merauke (South Papua). They moved from small villages in the Asmat region to the city, looking for work and a better life. Unfortunately, they often end up in deprived areas of Merauke due to lack of land and education.

Mendidik ala Papua


Year: 2020 🌳 or 🌴? Depending on where you were [...]

Underprivileged youth from the Star mountains set to work


The province of Oksibil, high in the Star Mountains, is difficult to reach. Twenty years ago, hundreds of Papuans fled from this area to neighboring Papua New Guinea because of the violent actions of the Indonesian army.

Daycare and lessons in Papua


Augustinus Kadepa, Alexander Giayai, Orgenes Ukago, Hendrikus Yeimo, Alfonsa Wayab, Cherly Hommers and Egrada Maurits have a heart for children.

Education Kokoda


The Kokoda is a community located in the south of the city of Sorong. The influx of migrants and the rapid developments in society have left the Kokodas in tribulation.

School for Ibelak


Elly Esema, alumni of Hapin / Grantgesture, has built a simple school building in Ibelak, a mountain village in the Baliem Valley.

Science Olympiade for Papua students


Every year, hundreds of talented students and students all over the world compete for a place on the honorary podium of the Science Olympiad. These competitions are organized at both national and international level.

Doctor Mia


Hapin considers it important to invest in people who serve the community in Papua and are close to the people. Such a person is Doctor Maria Rumateray.

Better education


The quality of education in Indonesia and in particular in Papua is poor. The illiteracy rate is the highest in the country.

Bookkeeping training in Papua


On 14th en 15th of October our fieldpartner pt. Hapin gave a bookkeeping training to four staffmembers of a kiosk in Papua.

Hopes for Children from Raja Ampat


In February our team of fieldpartner, Pt. Hapin, visited the village of Yenbeser to assess a proposal from a group of teachers from Marthen Luther Pre-School in Raja Ampat.

Learning by playing


More and more international companies are investing in Papua. Therefore knowledge of English is very important, more so in the future. The courses offered in the capital Jayapura are aimed at young adults. A child's brain however picks up a foreign languages much easier.

New school


Hapin will help to maintain the HBS SMAGabungan in Jayapura. 80 percent of all students on that school are Papuans. Unfortunately, the state of the building and the quality of education has been neglected for quite some time.

Refugees in Papua New Guinea


Since 2008 Papua Support Foundation finances an educational project in Kiunga in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The educational programme is organized in cooperation with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Daru Kiunga.

Muliama Elementary School


Muliama Elemetary School in Asologaima (Baliem Valley) is a bit of an odd one out. It maintains the rule of “education is there for the students and not the other way round.

Gender and Economy


In the villages Urumb, Waninggap and Matara a NGO called Yasanto gave a training on Gender and Economics. 120 people participated in the training.

Horticultural school Kimaam


Twenty students grew up on the island Kimaam (Frederik Hendrik Island), but are studying in Merauke. Dutch veterans have finances their house. This project provides the students with their own income by cultivating vegetables and keeping chickens.

Curriculum in native language


Willem Wetipo is a passionate headmaster. He loves the children of his school and wants them to have a chance on a good future. His form education is child-centered and consistent with their own culture and experiences

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