Project Description

Total: € 1.500,-

Year: 2021

To this day, men have an important position in the Papuan culture. Socially, economically and politically they have a lot of authority, which unfortunately sometimes leads to violence against and a disadvantaged position for women. Rode Wanimbo, head of the Women Department of the GIDI churches, saw from an early age how poorly women are sometimes treated. And how this can lead to a deep-rooted feeling of inferiority. That is why Rode is committed to programs that help to strengthen the self-confidence and self-esteem of Papuan women.

One of these programs is the Training of trainers for Literacy. A future-proof project, in which groups of women are taught the basics of reading, writing and numeracy. They are also given the skills to train other women. And that is very important because almost 30% of the Papuan population is illiterate, including many women. Being able to read and write helps women to take control of their future. And with knowledge of numeracy you can get your finances in order, open a bank account and save for medical emergencies or basic needs.

With support of Hapin, a literacy course is organized in Borme (Pegunungan Bintang Regency). About 20 women will learn the basics of reading and writing  by trainers from the GIDI Women Department. The contribution of Hapin will be spent on transportation, training materials and meals. The course is taught in the local language.