Project Description

Total: € 3.400,-

Year: 2019 – 2021

“Our dream is to make education available in all corners of Papua. We want to end illiteracy that has existed for generations. We want education that fits our cultural context and the character of the Papuans.” These ambitious words come from Aleks Giyai, one of the founders of the organization Gerakan Papua Mengajar (GPM – Movement for Good Education).

As an acclaimed poet and lover of literature, Aleks is very much involved in reading and writing. He was touched by the educational problems in his country: the low quality of education in schools and the persistent illiteracy. Together with a group of teachers, in addition to his regular work, he teaches Papuan children who fall outside the education system. They do this in a way that is in line with the living environment of the children: with the help of nature, people and materials around them. Without binding rules and regulations, but with a loving heart for the children who also deserve good education.

That work is not always easy. For example, GPM does not receive any support from the government and there often is a lack of facilities and transport for students and teachers. Last year Hapin supported the construction of two wooden classrooms for a group of street children in Buper (a kampong near Jayapura). Although the corona crisis delayed the construction, the rooms are now almost ready for use.