Project Description

SMAGabunganHapin will help to maintain the HBS SMAGabungan in Jayapura. 80 percent of all students on that school are Papuans. Unfortunately, the state of the building and the quality of education has been neglected for quite some time.

In 2001 the school celebrated its 50th anniversary. Alumni’s Humphrey Trouerbach and Addie Willis traveled to Papua specially to attend these celebrations. When they arrived they were surprised to see the detoriated state of the school. During their visit, they were asked to raise funds in the Netherlands in order for them to rebuilt the school in its former glory and improve education.

They immediately went to work and founded the group SMAGabungan. Funds were allocated by selling products and finding private donors. But that was not enough. In 2012 the work group began to worry about the sustainability of the organization and approached Hapin to see if or how the two organizations can work together.

This initially resulted in an independent group consisting of SMAGabungan which operates under the umbrella of Hapin. This means that they will continue to work the same way as they used to and their funds can only be spent on the goals of the working group. The advantage of this cooperation is that the working group can use the ANBI mark.

In Papua we are going to search for a structural solution together with the board of members of the school and pt. Hapin. We are very pleased with this partnership and curious what results we can achieve together! The bank account number 3057329 of the Working Group continues to exist but with a small name change, Hapin inzake workgroup SMAGABUNGAN.

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