Project Description

Year: 2021

Amount: €1.550

Where: Jayapura and surroundings

The society of Papua is mainly run by women. Behind the scenes they constantly take care of the daily bread and the education of children. Yet there is little appreciation and respect for her. Unfortunately, domestic violence, humiliation and discrimination against women and girls is rather the rule than the exception. Children become familiar with it and adopt these role patterns. This is how it goes on from generation to generation.

The organization Pujaprema (Center for Women and Children) is trying to break through this negative spiral. At the end of 2021, with financial support from Hapin, she started a program in which more than 90 teachers in pre-primary and primary education were trained to teach children that girls and boys are equal. A girl can also do the opening of the week at school, a boy can also help his mother in the kitchen. Familiair situations were created in all kinds of role plays that make the child aware of the obvious, but distorted and unsafe relationships between boys and girls. Intensive attention was also paid to combating bullying, which is often gender-oriented. Instead of separating boys and girls in the classroom (which is common practice), they are placed next to each other and they learn to interact with each other on an equal foot. It takes some getting used to, but it makes everyone happier.

Pujaprema | Hapin