Project Description

Amount: € 3.500

Year: 2021

Where: Samenage (near Wamena)

Last year Tri Arisanti, a voluntary teacher, traveled to remote Samenage deep in the interior of Papua. Within four months she revived the primary and secondary educational system, which had been virtually at a standstill until then. Few teachers last in this kampong where there are no facilities, good food is scarce and the humidity is enormous. Within a short time, Tri managed to gather a group of volunteers from the village who teach the children the basic knowledge for the national final exam. This exam offers the children the opportunity to continue their studies in nearby Wamena. There is also contact with local authorities to set up a future-proof education plan for Samenage, which is supported by the community. Financial support from Hapin was used for Tri’s plane ticket, educational materials and good nutrition for the children.