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Exploring Samenage


Last year, Tri Arisanti rang the bell at Hapin. Tri had recently returned to Jayapura, after working as a volunteer teacher for several years in Samenage (near Wamena).

Underprivileged youth from the Star mountains set to work


The province of Oksibil, high in the Star Mountains, is difficult to reach. Twenty years ago, hundreds of Papuans fled from this area to neighboring Papua New Guinea because of the violent actions of the Indonesian army.

School for Ibelak


Elly Esema, alumni of Hapin / Grantgesture, has built a simple school building in Ibelak, a mountain village in the Baliem Valley.

Hapin support clinic in Alobaga


The kampong Alobaga is located in the district of Koyage, in the central mountainous region of Papua. Koyage consists of 20 villages, located in an inhospitable and difficult to access region.

Doctor Mia


Hapin considers it important to invest in people who serve the community in Papua and are close to the people. Such a person is Doctor Maria Rumateray.

Hapin supports bee farmers


Hapin supports DANI WAH, a group of bee farmers/entrepreneurs from Hitigima, Wamena.

Muliama Elementary School


Muliama Elemetary School in Asologaima (Baliem Valley) is a bit of an odd one out. It maintains the rule of “education is there for the students and not the other way round.

Farming rice


With the new peelers growing rice in Papua becomes more easy. The farmers can now hul the rice with a machine. That saves a lot of time and money. Transportation and outsourcing the peeling process pressed their profits. Hapin provided a grant for the purchase of the peeler.

Curriculum in native language


Willem Wetipo is a passionate headmaster. He loves the children of his school and wants them to have a chance on a good future. His form education is child-centered and consistent with their own culture and experiences

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