Project Description

Last year, Tri Arisanti rang the bell at Hapin. Tri had recently returned to Jayapura, after working as a volunteer teacher for several years in Samenage (100km south from Wamena).

A threatening situation is taking place there: currently there is no education at all. Teachers often leave because of the harsh living conditions. For many, Samenage is not an attractive place to live and work because of the lack of facilities, good nutrition, healthcare and the high humidity. Due to lack of education, the children often grow up without any future prospects and girls are married off at an early age. Time is running out for Tri, she wants to go back as soon as possible to help. Hapin has decided to finance an exploration mission. Together with a fellow volunteer, Tri flies to Samenage for 4 months. They will restart the educational activities, but also become acquainted with local authorities to be able to set up a future-proof educational plan for Samenage.

Samenage project | Hapin