Project Description

Dickson Uropkulin receives the new tools for his construction project in Oksibil

Dickson Uropkulin receives the new tools for his construction project in Oksibil

Year: 2019

The province of Oksibil, high in the Star Mountains, is difficult to reach. Twenty years ago, hundreds of Papuans fled from this area to neighboring Papua New Guinea because of violent actions of the Indonesian army. Now they are returning in large numbers, due to their hopeless refugee status in PNG. There is hardly any education and work for these destitutes.

The youth is in danger of falling into apathy and prone to alcohol and drugs. The organization Membrina Putri Bangsa wants to prevent these young people from becoming a lost generation. Contact was made with Dickson Uropkulin, who himself had returned from PNG in 2016. In 2017, he started an employment project for the young people in the villages of Arinkop, Onkor and Oksingsing. Uropkulin, himself almost illiterate because the PNG refugee camp lacked any form of education, turned himself into a real craftsman in many areas.

He transfers his knowledge and skills in the field of painting, design, woodworking, construction, welding and electricity to groups of young adults, who in return are deployed in ongoing construction projects. With the earned income they provide for the living of their families. Until now, Dickson rented tools to build houses. That is very expensive and many of the earnings evaporate. Hapin therefore approved Membrina Putri Bangsa’s application for the purchase of some drills, drill sets, staple guns, a circular saw, a generator and a grinder. All purchased items have now arrived at their destination and are fully operational. Hapin’s donation also covered the costs of transport by plane. Hapin’s contribution amounted to over 1,400 euros.

More about Oksibil

Young people build houses in Oksibil.


Oksibil is located in the Star Mountains, close to the border with Papua New Guinea. It is a difficult region to reach. Unfortunately, the Indonesian army dominates the area which causes a lot of tension.