Oksibil is located in the Star Mountains, close to the border with Papua New Guinea. It is a difficult region to reach. Unfortunately, the Indonesian army dominates the area which causes a lot of tension. About 30 years ago, hundreds of Papuans fled because of the violence. They ended up in desolate camps in PNG just across the border. Because of the hopeless situation, many refugees decided to return to Oksibil. When they returned, there appears to be hardly any work or place for these people. Many young people fall prey to alcohol and drug addictions.

The organization Arinthum Brothers is concerned about the fate of the youth and has set up practical training courses to teach young people the trade of painter or carpenter. Under supervision they maintain homes and build simple houses and shops. Unfortunately, security risks occasionally make progress impossible. Nevertheless, Arinthum Brothers persists. Hapin supported this brave organization by financing the purchase and transportation costs of sawing and drilling machines and other construction tools.

Young people build houses in Oksibil.

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The province of Oksibil, high in the Star Mountains, is difficult to reach. Twenty years ago, hundreds of Papuans fled from this area to neighboring Papua New Guinea because of violent actions of the Indonesian army.