Project Description

Dr-Mia Mutiara dalam noken

Year: 2015

Hapin considers it important to invest in people who serve the community in Papua and are close to the people. Such a person is Doctor Maria Rumateray. Maria, from Wamena, studied at the University of Indonesia in Yogyakarta. She has been working as a pulmonologist in Papua for a number of years. Her work is of great importance in the region. Lung diseases such as tuberculosis are common in Papua and daily plague the lives of young and old, especially in the mountain villages.

The team of Pt.Hapin expresses her great appreciation for “our doctor Mia”, as she is called by the people in the villages. Maria is a warm, inspiring personality and is available day and night for her patients. She chooses to work in the most remote tribal areas of Papua, such as the Mairase people in Kaimana, the Korowai in Yahukimo and the kampong Karabura in distant Wondama.

Dr. Rumateray calls on all Papua students in Yogyakarta and elsewhere to finish their studies and return to Papua to work for their “brothers and sisters”. The dedication and professionalism of Doctor Mia in Papua stands out. Her activities that improve healthcare deserve the support of Hapin.