Project Description

Total: € 2.000,-

Year: 2021

For Papuans, art is a way to show where they come from. Patterns, use of color and cutting techniques give away their origin: from region to tribe. But art is also used by them to represent their desire for recognition and justice. The Alyakha Art Center is an initiative of young and creative Papuans who want to introduce new generations to art and techniques.

In September of this year they invited the artist Bertho Wanma, from Jogjakarta, to come to Papua. For three months Bertho stayed in Yokiwa (a kampong near Jayapura), to teach and make art with the villagers. From wood carving to weaving techniques and from music to dance. The beautiful project ended with a two-day exhibition, with a financial contribution of Hapin. The exhibition featured work by villagers, artists from the Jayapura area and three students who are part of Hapin’s scholarship programme. An ode to the heritage of the Papuans and a beautiful expression of the rich Papuan culture.