Project Description

Amount: € 2.500

Year: 2021

Recently we told about the organic fertilization course, which was organized by a group of women farmers in the Sorong area. The aim of the course was to help local farmers increase their yields without the soil being polluted or exhausted by incorrect fertilizer products. Hapin decided to contribute financially to this project of the Yahet Farmer Group and was impressed by the speed and efficiency with which the course was realized.

During the course it appeared that the participants lacked essential basic knowledge. That is why attention was paid to how to prepare soil for planting and how to germinate seeds. Finally, collaboration also became an important theme of the course. By joining forces and helping each other as a community, you will get a lot further than working alone. In the future, the Yahet Farmer Group wants to train local farmers, so they can help other farmers with sustainable businesses in return. This improves the economic conditions of the farmers and protects the precious nature of Papua.

It is still possible to contribute to the activities of the Yahet Farmer Group. They are currently working on new plans to provide starting farmers with seeds. You can donate here or to NL37RABO0444072470 o.v.v.Fertilizer Management Training’.