Sewing class for Asmat mothers


Edo Mote is no stranger to Hapin. In the past he received a scholarship and since then we have been supporting Edo with various projects for the Asmat community in Merauke. This year Edo keeps busy: he recently set up a sewing class for Asmat mothers. Hapin has been asked to help with the purchase of sewing machines and other course costs. During 6 months, 8-10 women will learn how to make products that can be marketed. So that the participants generate income for their family, relatives or village.

Support for small-scale hydroponics and chicken farm in Sentani


Welly Manufandu is no stranger to Hapin. As a competent travel guide, she has guided dozens of foreign tourists to the most beautiful places in Papua in recent years, but has also introduced them to the world of Papuans in remote mountain villages.

Coklat Belanda


Sponsor of Hapin, Iko Zijlstra, recently pointed us to a cocoa project in Aimbe. The cocoa cooperative, led by Derek Wanyambe, suffers for years from a poor harvest. The plants had a survival rate of up to five years, the yield and the quality of the bean was low and the plant was not resistant to disease.

Learn and work


A group of concerned teachers from the village Yetti asked Hapin to contribute to a learn-work project. They see their environment change. All around them are large areas of wasteland, palm oil plantations are expanding and the local population is becoming marginalized. With the help of the learn-work project that focuses on stock breeding, the Papuans want to become economically independent.



Between Merauke and the border with Papua New Guinea is the Wasur National Park. The villages in the area are poor, but generally people can survive what nature has to offer them.

Farming rice


With the new peelers growing rice in Papua becomes more easy. The farmers can now hul the rice with a machine. That saves a lot of time and money. Transportation and outsourcing the peeling process pressed their profits. Hapin provided a grant for the purchase of the peeler.

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