Doctor Mambrassar

Yohanes Mambrassar, a gynecologist in training, is completing his specialization at the University of Surakarta. Afterwards he wants to return to Papua.

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Papuan market women become proud entrepreneurs

Many Papuan women make a living on the market by selling fruit, fish, sago or nuts. This trade dominates their daily life. With support of Hapin-Papua Support Foundation, these women learn all kinds of entrepreneurial skills in a five-day course.

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Remote Papua school initiative

This year a 4 year schoolproject will start in the remote areas of West Papua, called Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE). This project will be operating under Hapin's framework but managed and monitored by Marlôt Fliers and Harold van Grinsven.

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Coklat Belanda

Sponsor of Hapin, Iko Zijlstra, recently pointed us to a cocoa project in Aimbe. The cocoa cooperative, led by Derek Wanyambe, suffers for years from a poor harvest. The plants had a survival rate of up to five years, the yield and the quality of the bean was low and the plant was not resistant to disease.

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Learning by playing

More and more international companies are investing in Papua. Therefore knowledge of English is very important, more so in the future. The courses offered in the capital Jayapura are aimed at young adults. A child's brain however picks up a foreign languages much easier.

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Mama Salomina receives microcredit

Mama Salomina Arompauw (57) is originally from Biak. She has 4 children. To help his husband, who is a farmer as well fisherman, she moved to Jayapura all by herself a year ago to make extra income. She decided to sell hot coffee and tea with noodles in the Pasar MamaMama.

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Mama Mama Papua

For market women from Papua it is not easy to sell products in modern Jayapura. The competition is fierce, especially since non-Papuans sell the same merchandise at a better place on the market.

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Lawyers in Papua

In many ways Papuans are unlike other Indonesians, whereas they are equal before law. It is the responsibility of the Indonesian government to protect minorities and to ensure that every citizen has equal rights. If or when authorities fail to ensure human rights, the work of local NGO's are of utmost importance.

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The village Arso IX lies near the border with Papua New Guinea and is populated by transmigrants from all parts of Indonesia.

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New school

Hapin will help to maintain the HBS SMAGabungan in Jayapura. 80 percent of all students on that school are Papuans. Unfortunately, the state of the building and the quality of education has been neglected for quite some time.

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Papua Pride, a successful day

In November of last year the Papua Pride event took place in the Jacobi Church in Utrecht. An event during which, 40 years after the Act of Free Choice, the future of Papua and the Papua people was given extensive consideration.

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Between Merauke and the border with Papua New Guinea is the Wasur National Park. The villages in the area are poor, but generally people can survive what nature has to offer them.

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Horticultural school Kimaam

Twenty students grew up on the island Kimaam (Frederik Hendrik Island), but are studying in Merauke. Dutch veterans have finances their house. This project provides the students with their own income by cultivating vegetables and keeping chickens.

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Garage company

Introducing Gervase Basik Basik-: a mechanic from Merauke. My heart's desire: a private garage. A simple building can be built for 800 euros. Would you help me to become an entrepreneur?

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