For market women from Papua it is not easy to sell products in modern Jayapura. The competition is fierce, especially since non-Papuans sell the same merchandise at a better place on the market.

In 2002, the indigenous women, were forced to leave their regular selling spot. Promises were made to them for a new, but were proven to be only words. Dissatisfied with the outcome the women united themselves in a cooperative which holds over 400 members.

The Mama Mama Papua’s asked Hapin to support them with professionalising the cooperative. Keywords are education. Not only does the cooperative need to professionalize on a management level but the marketwoman themselves want to learn more about bookkeeping, sowing or agriculture.

Through these marketwoman Hapin invest in knowledge that can be passed on by the marketwoman to their offspring and knowledge that these marketwoman can use to secure their economic position and become financial independent. By investing in the cooperative the marketwoman can develop on a personal level whilst at the same time the cooperative stands up for the right for the woman as a group.

Watch a short documentary of the Mama Mama Papua’s.