Mama Salomina sells dutch traditional doughnut, oliebol
Mama Papua verkoopt oliebollen

Mama Salomina Arompauw (57) is originally from Biak. She has 4 children. To help his husband, who is a farmer as well fisherman, she moved to Jayapura all by herself a year ago to make extra income. She decided to sell hot coffee and tea with noodles in the Pasar MamaMama.

The support fund has been handed over to Mama Salomina last week, 27 August. She decided to sell her cakes in Jayapura because of the existence of special market for Mama2Papua. In Biak they only have general market, where non-Papuans can also take part. And for her it is difficult to compete there. Here in Jayapura, she has better opportunity, and she proves that when they are given opportunity, Papuan women can show that they also can take part in the economic market.

At that time she sold it all from her sister’s small kiosk; she borrowed their cooking pan and utensils. Little by little she managed to save Rp 50,000 as capital to start her own business, by having her own marketplace which was a small table.

Then she was able to expand her business by selling different cakes, homemade by herself. She sells now cakes like panada, olibollen (with sugar icing!), doughnuts, etc. together with coffee and tea. Her cakes prove to be favorites of many market visitors. As she sells more, she requires now a cupboard to store and present her cakes. Pt. Hapin approved her request for Rp 2,000,000 loan, interest Rp 20,000/month for 6 months.

Pt. Hapin continues to support the development of Papuan women entrepreneurs to actively participate and take part in the economic market, through capacity building, market assistance and providing micro credits.