In many ways Papuans are unlike other Indonesians, whereas they are equal before law. It is the responsibility of the Indonesian government to protect minorities and to ensure that every citizen has equal rights. If or when authorities fail to ensure human rights, the work of local NGO’s are of utmost importance.

Hapin therefore already supports the work of Yan Christian Warinussy for some time now. This human rights lawyer- and activist founded the organization LP3BH: a NGO led by Papuans that focuses on civil society and supports traditional Papuan communities and tries to reinforce them.

This is done by providing information, research and education. LP3BH indicates the Papuans on their basic rights and lowers the threshold for legal aid, but also represents itself as an advocate for groups who are not able to speak for themselves. In addition, the NGO sets up a training programme for promising students who are committed to human rights. Hapin supports this program, and not without success.

In 2012, seventeen young lawyers graduated as human rights lawyer. They are full of enthusiasm and are ready to create a Papua which is a place where everyone is treated as equals, but have the right to be different at the same time.