Through the website and our newsletter we called for action for the endangered coral reefs of Depapre. Many have you responded, for which many thanks! Meanwhile, the ‘fish houses’, with coral tied to them, have been placed on the bottom of the sea. The main goal is for the coral to grow and the fish population to increase. And the first signs of growth are now a fact! In the meantime, initiator Papua Diving Academy has not been sitting still. A mini-camping has been realized on the beach of Depapre for tourists who would like to snorkel or scuba dive. An important and additional source of income for the local community.

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Edo Mote

New planting of corals in Depapre

Papua’s coral reefs are in serious danger, just like elsewhere in the world. Trawls, dynamite bombs and poisons yield a lot of fish in a short time, but destroy the coral. Local fishermen see their nearby fishing grounds disappear and have to go further and further out to sea to find new ones. The members of the diving club Papua Diving Academy (PDA) in Tablasupa sounded the alarm and made a plan with multiple advantages: young school dropouts from the kampong Tablasupa are deployed to help plant new coral.