In 2013, we introduce you to Grant Gesture, an online fundraising platform that makes it possible to sponsor and monitor an individual student. With the knowledge they gain, they not only want to realize their own dreams, but also that of Papua. The students come almost all from (mostly remote) villages in Papua. What binds them even more is that their family cannot provide financial support for them. 

In addition to their part-time jobs, they need an extra financial helping. In the meantime, a lot of the GrantGesture students managed to get a scholarship. Thus thanks to this great success Pt.Hapin can reselect students.



We present a new student:
Saveria Nunggut (21) – student Law
Saveria grew up in a large family in the Asmat region. The family owns a small plantation where they grow bananas and cassava. Saveria’s parents are unable to pay her tuition fees. Her sister sometimes gives her some money for living costs. Saveria has a very combative spirit. Once finished with her studies, she wants to give the disenfranchised a voice in her country by becoming a lawyer. Around her she sees a lot of corruption and violence against innocent people. Local communities seem defenseless against illegal land expropriation. She is determined to stand up for their rights.