Construction of classrooms for street children in Jayapura finally starts

Hapin supports the volunteer organization Gerakan Papua Mengajar (Movement for good education in Papua). This team of teachers takes care of street children and teaches them in a way that matches their own environment.

The mothers are at work from early morning until late at night, the fathers are away from home for a longer period of time due to their work in the woods. But no future without education. These teachers have an infectious and enthusiastic way of teaching and are child-oriented. Each student has a personal mentor. GPM works with an educational vision that is also popular in the West: cultural contextual learning. This means that the students learn with the help of their environment, nature, the people and materials around them, in short, from life itself. The children find this form of learning very enjoyable and connects more to their environment. The Indonesian education system is hardly designed to train the student for life outside of school. In fact, it alienates the Papuan children from their culture and identity. Independent and critical thinking is not stimulated. The GPM teachers want to get rid of that unworldly education and help the students to develop themselves as self-aware, articulate citizens.

One of the places where this modern education is offered is Buper, a kampong close to Jayapura. The children are still taught in the open air, with all the associated disadvantages. It gets dark early and it rains often. There was already a plan to build two wooden classrooms on the site of a church. But the corona crisis threw a spanner in the works. The area was declared off limits by authorities in February. That has recently been lifted. The construction of the classrooms, which will be done by the volunteers themselves, can now really begin. The Protestant municipality De Ontmoeting in Nunspeet has adopted this project.


Daycare and lessons in Papua for the truant children of Waena

Augustinus Kadepa, Alexander Giayai, Orgenes Ukago, Hendrikus Yeimo, Alfonsa Wayab, Cherly Hommers and Egrada Maurits have a heart for children. These 7 volunteers care for the children of Waena, a village near the city of Abepura.