remote schooling“Give the Papuan children a chance!” Already a lot has been achieved, please help them with the last outstanding schoolmaterials.

This year a 4 year schoolproject will start in the remote areas of West Papua, called Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE). Initiative from NGO’s and the Indonesian Government. Participans from the Netherlands started a sub – project called Remote Schooling Project Papua. This project will be operating under Hapin’s framework but managed and monitored by Marlôt Fliers and Harold van Grinsven.

Purpose of the project is to achieve community based schools which means that all villagers in the community are responsible for the continuation and quality of the education. Teachers are selected from within the community. At this moment Papuans are educated to give lessons in their own dialect (Dani or Lani), Indonesian and English. Hence multilanguage education.

This project will be overviewed by the NGO SIL and the government. The objective is to achieve better coordination between regular indonesian educational system, preservation of the local dialect and better chances for the Papuans in the future. However still lacking is some funding for educational goods. The initiative “Remote schooling project Papua” wants to collect funding to bridge this financial gap. Every donation helps, however small this may be.

Information NGO SIL International (= Summer Institute of Linguistics) on For further reader you can download the flyer.

Donations can be made on the account of Hapin by mentioning “Remote schooling project Papua”. Donations to NGO’s with an ANBI status (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) are tax deductable for companies and individuals.

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