student Derek PapuaGrantGesture is an online fundraising platform for our scholarship program. Through the website it is possible to sponsor and monitor an individual student. Our fieldpartner, pt. Hapin, has selected sixteen extremely ambitious students whom have proven to be motivated and dedicated to their studies.

With the knowledge they gain, they not only want to realize their own dreams, but also that of Papua. The students are almost all from (mostly remote) villages in Papua. What binds them even more is that their family cannot provide them with financial support. In addition to their part-time jobs, they therefore need an additional financial helping hand.

On the website you can meet these students and see how much money has already been invested in them. Yohanis, Yulianus, Ten, Khana, Demi Anus, Marthen, Meshach, Yunita, Derek, Cindy, Sipora, Yuliana, Ester, Margarati and Mena hope on your generous contribution. See our students