Project Description

About 8,000 people from the Asmat-tribe live in Merauke (South Papua). They moved from small villages in the Asmat region to the city, looking for work and a better life. Unfortunately, they often end up in deprived areas of Merauke due to lack of land and education.

Their living conditions  are tough: crowded houses, lack of sanitation and no income. The circle of poverty threatens to repeat itself with the next generation. The lack of proper nutrition and a quiet place to study keeps Asmat children from attending school. The number of dropouts is very high.

Edo Mote – who himself received a contribution to study costs from Hapin – is concerned about the fate of the Asmat in Merauke. To gain the trust of the community, he previously built a toilet block with his own resources. Hapin will financially support the following small-scale projects of the foundation of Edo:

  1. The construction of “selling huts” in the Ongatmit district
    Where Asmat women can sell fish. The construction work is carried out by the community itself. 20 women are also trained in entrepreneurship.
  1. Hygiene project in the area behind the Maro stadium and in the Ongatmit district
    More than 100 children will receive soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste. They are trained in a hygienic lifestyle together with their mothers. Also, a concrete trash bin will be placed on the site so that waste can be collected better.

Edo’s foundation wants to help Asmat communities to stand on their own two feet. This requires knowledge of the tribe and of urban challenges. Fortunately, that is in good hands with Edo. 

Year: 2020

More on Edo Mote

Edo Mote student Papua


Edo Mote is no stranger to Hapin. In the past he received a scholarship and since then we have been supporting Edo with various projects for the Asmat community in Merauke. This year Edo keeps busy: he recently set up a sewing class for Asmat mothers. Hapin has been asked to help with the purchase of sewing machines and other course costs. During 6 months, 8-10 women will learn how to make products that can be marketed. So that the participants generate income for their family, relatives or village.


Edo Mote student Papua

Student – Edo Mote

The Hapin scholarship program usually focuses on students in the first phase of their studies, the bachelor phase. Yet sometimes there are special requests and we deviate from this rule.


Edo Mote student Papua

Kombai tribe in inland Papua

Papuan researcher Edo Mote (Merauke) recently obtained a Master in Cultural and Media studies and focuses on research into the transition from tradition to modern times among the Papuans in the deep interior of Papua.