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We regularly receive reports about the educational situation in Papua. It is a sad picture.

Primary education is qualitatively below the pedagogical and didactic standard, certainly inland. Regularly, teachers do not show up but do collect their salary every month. When final tests have to be taken, money and personal preferences play a role in whether or not to give a positive test result.

Students in higher and academic education identify misconduct at all levels of the education system. They are faced with sudden payment requests to participate in exams and for the use of research tools and laboratories. Exams are sometimes postponed for no reason, after which you simply have to re-register and pay again. Students often do not speak up. Kickbacks, absence and administrative misconduct: unfortunately, this characterizes the environment in which the young student has to find his/her way.

Our scholarship coordinator Nova Seseray tells the story of a number of boys from the Asmat region who stay in an asrama (student house) in Sentani. In order to keep paying their tuition costs, they cut back on their meals. Many of them give up, disappointed and discouraged. Hapin wants to help these and other students. Not only with a scholarship, but also by encouraging them. That is why, together with Nova, we are preparing a meeting with the eight students who are currently receiving a scholarship from Hapin. To encourage one another and receive advice on how to study with integrity and serve society.

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Do you want to contribute to a better situation for these students? You can make a contribution to our scholarship program. Please donate to IBAN: NL37RABO0444072470 with reference “scholarships” or donate online.

Meet our students

Gori, Gerad, Safer | Hapin scholarships


Three students who are studying arts at ISBI in Jayapura. They stay in an asrama (student house) in Sentani. Their specializations are inspired by their origins: the Asmat region. And we are happy with that! Because this way, Hapin can also contribute to the preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage of the Papuans.



We are always ready to help young, motivated Papuans who have the qualifications to study but cannot finance it themselves. And that’s how we met Melani last year, a motivated young lady who, via F.C. Kamma, was introduced to Hapin.


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