Project Description

melani BaransanoWe are always ready to help young, motivated Papuans who have the qualifications to study but cannot finance it themselves. And that’s how we met Melani last year, a motivated young lady who, via F.C. Kamma, was introduced to Hapin.

Melani was born and raised in Jayapura. Because her father is a fisherman, his income varies from month to month. That is why Melani applied for Hapin’s scholarship program. Currently she studies Management at the Negeri Yapis Papua in Jayapura. Melani is the eldest of five children, and the first of the family to study at university. Melani: “My parents have always inspired me and my siblings to study because they have felt the bitterness of life itself. Regardless of the circumstances, they work very hard to help their children realize their dreams.” After graduating, she wants to become a young entrepreneur. “Big ambitions? That’s right. But I always remind myself of the phrase – do little things with love. Then we will achieve the best results.”