Project Description

Olympiade PapuaPlace: Abepura

Year: 2016

Every year, hundreds of talented students all over the world compete for a place on the honorary podium of the Science Olympiad. These competitions are organized at both national and international level.

Science refers to subjects such as mathematics, computer science or physics. Every year there is a Junior Olympiad for lower secondary education. The purpose of the Olympiads is to challenge talented students and interest them in science. So far, no students or students from Papua have ever taken part in these Olympiads. And that should change, according to a group of teachers from the Jumlah Siswa SMA course in Jayapura.

They presented Hapin with a plan to intensively coach 300 Papua students in the subjects of mathematics, physics and English. This should ultimately lead to the qualification of one or more participants from Papua for the national and international olympiads. That should be possible. There is enough talent. Discipline, perseverance and commitment are needed, but also passionate and professional teachers who have modern training facilities. The one-year curriculum can also help students to continue their education at a higher level. The submitted proposal gave sufficient foundation and confidence to finance the project for an amount of 4,800 euros.