Project Description

Year: 2020

🌳 or 🌴? Depending on where you were born you will choose the first or the latter. This is contextual learning. Teaching methods that adapt to and develop learning styles in accordance with the demands of society, family, religion and culture. Indonesia modernizes its school system and didactical methods, but in remote districts many teachers still teach the way they have been doing for years, if they are present anyway.

On top of this Papua is culturally divers with more than 275 distinct indigenous ethnic groups speaking their own languages. Hence, accommodating every Papuan student’s learning needs based on his/her cultural heritage and cultural capital through differentiation of instruction in such diverse classrooms is indeed a major challenge for teachers in Papua. There are however already promising local initiatives, like Gerakan Papua Mengajar (GPM) active in Jayapura, Kotaraja and Deyai, that focuses on contextual learning or culture based education and is set up by inspiring volunteer teachers.

This project is aimed at setting up an Essay Writing Competition. They would like to address all inspiring teachers in Papua like Alex Giaya of Buper to enter the competition to write an essay about “Mendidik ala Papua” (Educating Papuan Students in Papuan Ways). The best four essays will win a sum of money. This is to spike the interests of the teacher in Papua to enter the competition.

The objective is to bundle the information written by the experiences and practices of the teachers in Papua and use this document as to promote national and local education policies on contextual education for Papua. Hapin is partner with ‘Papoea Jeugd naar School’ (PJNS) on this project because we think this form of education is what is needed in Papua and off course inspiring teachers which are somewhat hidden gems in Papua. We hope that this book will inspire future teachers in Papua.



Augustinus Kadepa, Alexander Giayai, Orgenes Ukago, Hendrikus Yeimo, Alfonsa Wayab, Cherly Hommers and Egrada Maurits have a heart for children. These 7 volunteers care for the children of Waena, a village near the city of Abepura.