Project Description


Impression follow up course teachers papuaTeachers receive additional training in adapted learning for Papuan children.

Place: Abepura

Year: 2017

To make the curriculum, which focuses entirely on the Indonesian curriculum, more accessible to the students of Papua, the Yayasan Kristen Wamena (YKW) developed a special curriculum and textbooks (Buku Paket Kontekstual Papua). The cultural context of the own environment (local customs and traditions) is used to make the content of the teaching material more understandable for the students. This method functions as a bridge between the much too difficult level of the Indonesian textbooks and the curriculum currently used in the schools.

This adapted curriculum has received recognition from the Indonesian Ministry of Education and is applied in more than 300 primary schools in the Central Mountain region of Papua. In order to put the BPKP program into practice, 24 teachers from Sorong and the Baliem undergo intensive training from 12 to 15 July in Abepura. The teachers will be guided for another 6 months to train them in addressing and teaching the Papuan children at their own level of understanding.