Project Description

education papua kokoda

Year: 2017

The Kokoda is a community located in the south of the city of Sorong. The influx of migrants and the rapid developments in society have left the Kokodas in tribulation. They have little or no private land and the majority live in the poorest part of the city. This area mainly consists of mangrove forests and wetlands. They make money by selling kangkoeng (a type of water spinach) and snails.

A lot of Kokoda live in the district ‘Sakur’ and the women’s organization ‘Bunga Papua’ wants to start a playgroup and organize a reading club in this district. They also want to start a homework class for girls, where they learn to use the computer. These children form a vulnerable group because the parents and family cannot pay the school fees and other costs. The literacy rate is not only very low among children, but also among parents. To prevent the children from a further downward spiral, the women of Bunga Papua committed themselves to give informal education and guidance to the Kokoda children since 2001. In addition, they try to raise awareness about the value of education among parents by involving them in the development of their child.

The grant application for Hapin consists of the purchase of books, tables, chairs, a blackboard and transport costs for the teachers. The teachers offer their services for free because they are convinced of the added value of this investment for the future of these disadvantaged children. The district head of Sakur has given his club house for the activities of Bunga Papua.