Project Description

day care papua

Daycare and lessons in Papua for the truant children of Waena

Place: Waena

Year: 2017

Augustinus Kadepa, Alexander Giayai, Orgenes Ukago, Hendrikus Yeimo, Alfonsa Wayab, Cherly Hommers and Egrada Maurits have a heart for children. These 7 volunteers care for the children of Waena, a village near the city of Abepura. Their parents are not home before dawn to sell their merchandise on the market and leave the children unkempt. Going to (regular) school is not their first priority and this might accumulate a significant learning deficit. If nothing happens, these children will become a lost generation.

The young volunteers of “Gerakan Papua Mengajar” started an after-school care of 4-6 hours in the Buper district in 2013. The children learn to read, write and calculate (better), so that they no longer lag behind their peers. They do not have to miss the chances for further education. And it is good for their confidence. GPM Waena applied at Hapin to finance teaching materials, tables and chairs, a volunteer allowance for the teachers and food packages for the children.