Project Description

Education PapuaPlace: Jayapura

Year: 2015

The quality of education in Indonesia and in particular in Papua is poor. The illiteracy rate is the highest in the country. Children finish primary school, but then hardly seem to be able to read, write and calculate. Yet there is a massive need for education. The number of students in the Jayapura region has exploded and schools are unable to meet demand. Classrooms are overcrowded and teachers do not have time to provide personal guidance to students.

A group of young teachers is concerned about this situation. They fear that many children will become dropouts, live on the street and fall into the wrong hands. The teachers have developed a well thought-out plan to provide free tutoring and homework guidance to 300 primary and secondary school Papuan students in mathematics, physics and English, among others. They also try to raise awareness among parents to ensure that their children receive good education and also participate in the pupils’ education so that the child is encouraged to study. Hapin decided to financially support this group of enthusiastic and committed teachers.