Introducing Irma Awoitauw: new consultant of Hapin in Papua

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Since autumn 2020, Nova (Hapin consultant in Papua) has been assisted by Irma Awoitauw. Nova focuses on the scholarship program and Irma supervises the projects. Together they are developing the network in Papua, so that Hapin can be of even greater significance to the Papuans.

Irma (31) lives in Sentani with her husband Markus Rumbino. Her father is from Jayapura and her mother is Moluccan by origin. So Irma grew up with a diverse upbringing in terms of culture, religion and values. This sparked her passion for indigenous cultures and community development. “Markus and I founded the Aliakha Art Center in 2019, where we provide space for artists. Dicky Takndare, a friend of Hapin, was the first artist to participate. This was followed by a visit to our center by Hapin board members and the first contact was made.”

Irma studied International Studies and International Development at the University of Canberra, Australia. This knowledge, her passion for culture and her good command of English make Irma a very suitable consultant. “At Hapin it is my job to network, assess project applications, monitor current projects and of course report all this to colleagues in the Netherlands. I really enjoy these tasks, it gives me the opportunity to be creative and to improve my skills.” Welcome to the team, Irma!

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Starting from July 1st this year, Nova Seseray entered the service of Hapin as a consultant. She is responsible for the scholarship program and regularly visits the students personally to monitor the progress of their study and to keep up to date with their personal life.


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