Hapin helps young, motivated Papuans who have the necessary qualifications to complete a (practical) study but are unable to finance this themselves. For example Yehuda, an enthusiastic student from Jayapura. Yehuda is studying civil engineering at the Universitas Kristen Krida Wacana (UKRIDA) in Jakarta. And just like in the Netherlands, his daily life looks quite different due to corona: 

“At the moment all classes are taught online. If students want to use the laboratory or another room, they need a permission letter. At the start of the pandemic, everyone was mostly in shock and little or nothing happened. Until the students began to approach their teachers digitally. After five months, the university had set up a good system to allow all learning activities to take place online. That will certainly last until January 2021. Students who want to meet each other physically do not dare to do so in public, but do see and speak to each other on campus. 

It is a difficult time, both physically and mentally. Some practical courses are difficult to follow online. It is also difficult to find a parttime job now. Many people have lost their jobs because of corona and businesses such as restaurants and shops have only limited opening hours. This has had no consequences for me so far. So I am confident that we will get out of this situation together.” 

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