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Project Description

Marketwoman PapuaPlace: Jayapura
Year: 2018

Papuan women have a great sense of responsibility towards their families and relatives. Money earned is used (too) quickly to suit their own needs instead of an investment in their own small business. The culture of Papua is foreign to entrepreneurial and business thinking. For this reason, an initiative was launched in 2013 from KSP Hapin to provide these women with microcredits. With this credit, the women are able to make the necessary investments for their business, such as purchasing their products (mostly vegetables, fruit and fish), guaranteeing a regular supply of their merchandise and paying rent. But it also creates the opportunity to save, to re-use the saved money and to increase turnover and profit. This makes the women more and better able to take care of their family, relatives and children. At the same time, the women are taught through courses and training how to handle money (an accounting course), how to reserve funds for new investments, how to save and how to separate business and private income and expenditure. In short training in financial and business management and entrepreneurship. Hapin’s microcredit program has proved to be a great success. In 2017, 72 women received credits through the Hapin program. The vast majority of women pay off their loans on schedule.

Hapin Papua submitted the project proposal to Hapin Nederland to offer an Entrepreneurship course again in the context of the Training of Community for native Dutch entrepreneurs (ToC). The participants are 10 entrepreneurs who successfully completed a first course in 2017. They are now receiving further training aimed at transferring their practical skills and knowledge with regard to purchasing and sales, financial management and hygiene to a new group of market women in the Kampwolker and Waena markets. This concerns 40 participants. They make their own – modest – contribution financially. The duration of the course is 5 days.
The course is provided by Rina O Maizier consultant (ILO) and 2 Master Trainers from the Business Development Services Provider / BDSP Riwani Globe.

Objective of the course

After this course, the 15 local trainers will be able to transfer their knowledge and skills to the other market sellers of the Kampwolker markets and EXPO in Waena and Jayapura. The course contributes to a greater skill and professionalism of the market vendors (almost all of them Papuan women) and enhances their social skills, sales techniques, financial management and hygiene. It increases the competitiveness and self-esteem of these mothers in a society where the native Papua is increasingly disadvantaged. This applies in particular to Papuan women. The increasing income means that they are able to pay the school fees and uniforms for their children. Indirectly, this project therefore benefits the entire community.

Special thank to the Bredius Foundation who have donated to this project.


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