Project Description

Total: € 1.850,-

Year: 2021

Yosef Levi works as a researcher for a journalist community in Jayapura. He combines his anthropological knowledge with his interest in the world of video and film. On a daily basis he records life in Papua in documentaries, which he makes available through his own YouTube channel. Many of his videos are about education, from the Dutch era to today. “Much of what is known about Papua in the past comes from the mission. Since 2014 I have been trying to portray the life of the Papuans myself, so young generations can become aware of this.”

Unfortunately for Yosef, his camera – essential to carrying out his job and mission – stopped working after 6 years of intensive use. Hapin financed the purchase of a new camera including a sound recorder. In return, Yosef records several of Hapin’s projects on video. A win-win situation!

Curious about Yosef Levi’s videos? Check out his YouTube channel:

New camera Yosef Levi | Hapin