Project Description

The new water filters for the Kamplas Tablasupa Papua are being unpackedYear: 2018

It was a big party on November 19. The Kampongs Amai, Tablasapu, and Yepase in Depapre district finally received what they had urgently asked Hapin for. All villages received water filters and solar energy lamps, which means clean (drinking) water, electricity and light! In addition, in two of the three villages, contracts were signed for microcredit financing by Hapin for 15 enterprising Papuan women, for a total amount of 3,025 euros. In Yepase, the Seumire Demire cooperative receives a contribution of 1,625 euros. It is intended to be the starting capital for the group. Hapin finances the purchase of products such as coconut oil, soap, tea, rice, sugar and coffee once. The members of the group also learn skills such as accounting and handling money.