Project Description

Hapin director Cyntia Warwe visiting the Kokoda's in Klawasi (Sorong)

Hapin director Cyntia Warwe visiting the Kokoda’s in Klawasi (Sorong)

Place: Sorong
Year: 2018

The Kokodas are Papuans who have settled in the Sorong district of Klawasi from the south of Papua. Their living conditions are miserable. 40 families live in 12 houses. There is no running water and the local government water tanks are inadequate. People have to rely on the wells, but that water is of poor quality.

The organizations Bunga Papua and Geropa have taken interest in the fate of the Kokodas. They submitted a project proposal to Hapin for the purchase of modern water purification filters. The polluted water can be purified into drinking water in a very simple and inexpensive manner. More than fifty children who follow the Bunga Papua literacy program can now drink healthy water after classes.

In addition, Hapin has approved the application for the purchase and installation of solar lamps in the homes of these families in Klawasi. It is early dark, around half past six. With the new lighting, the children can complete their assignments for school.

Contribution: 3,000 euros. Special thanks to the Lichttoren foundation, which financed this project.