Project Description


Year: 2020

This is Yuvita Kogoya, 27 years old. She has been living in Efesus refugee camp near Sentani for over a year. In March of last year, her village was wiped out in a landslide. She lost – in the middle of the night – her 2-month-old baby, her father (58) and sister (31) in the water and mud avalanche. She herself was seriously injured on her neck, which makes it difficult for her to eat and swallow. Yuvita is doing slightly better. Now suddenly there is a new, invisible enemy: the corona virus. Like Yuvita, there are still 300 families in temporary shelters. They are locked up there and can no longer sell their home-grown vegetables, baked bread and handicrafts on the market. There is an urgent need for face masks, soap, extra water points, food packages, medicines and educational material. Hapin and Wilde Ganzen work together to quickly help these victims.

Last year, the city of Sentani and the surrounding area were hit by landslides and floods. Dozens of kampongs were wiped out. More than 100 people died and thousands had to be relocated elsewhere. The organization Yapelin, the aid organization of the GIDI churches, provided shelter and helps the victims (especially the women) to build up a new life.

Partly thanks to your donations and a cooperation agreement between Wilde Ganzen, Hapin and Yapelin it is possible to transfer an amount of € 11,553 to Papua for the reconstruction project for the women. Wilde Ganzen’s share in this was € 3,851.

Wilde GanzenTo deal with the new threat of the coronavirus, Yapelin has created a plan to make people in the centers aware of the risks and help them become more resilient in order to survive. There is a need for 6,000 euros in the short term. De Wilde Ganzen helps out for half of this amount from a specially opened Corona fund. Hapin guarantees the other half.