0368-09Papua, a unique island in the tropics. A land of fire, water, earth and air. Rimmed with golden beaches and surrounded by azure blue seas. Proud mountains with snow-capped peaking in the sun. Raging rivers meander their way to the sea. A country with dense jungles and swamps. The beautiful bird of paradise hiding in the trees, the crocodile lurks in the sun. Exotic flora grows and blooms profusely on the bottom of the jungle. Below is an inexhaustible treasure of precious minerals. The seas accommodate an unprecedented variety of colorful life. Papua, the pristine earth.

The Papuans, gentle, loyal, affectionate, physically, honest, proud, warm.
They seek harmony with the past and the slow emerging modernity. In an ancient and unique bond with their land, ancestors, family, tribe, and people, they have to find their way in the world today. The traditions tell the stories of origin and destination, the quest for prosperity and happiness, brutal wars and sweet victories. They offer the Papuans pride, joy, security and stability in times of fear, threat and insecurity.

Papua a land of tradition and modernity
The fishermen of the northern islands and coastlines, the hunters and gatherers of the south and the farmers and gatherers of the hill with their terraces create together a vibrant and colorful palette of ancient cultures, languages and traditions of Papua. Some Papua boys and girls studying in the city and are busy with their future. The city also attend the Papuans with modern jobs. They are the link with the new time. That new time will not all always provide them with happiness and prosperity.

Papua, a rich country
Ultramodern mining industries (mainly copper and gold) settle in Papua. The new cities are developing rapidly and are populated by a majority of non-Papuans. Nature and environment are threatened by massive deforestation, transmigration and open mining. The modern era asks for the Papuans a new orientation to their own life and their surroundings.