Hapin – Papua Support Foundation believes that entrepreneurship is an effective tool against poverty. Sisterorganisation, Pt. Hapin, therefore provides microcredit to market women who are united in the cooperative called Mama Mama Papua. Pt. Hapin manages and records the savingsaccount of the microcedits.

How does it work?

The microcredit depend on the products sold and sales in general. The loans range from 500,000 to 3 million rupiah (40 to 240 euro’s). The interest rate is 1.5% after six months and must be refunded. In 2012, two women, Hermina Wanggai and Yuliana Bonsapia, received a microcredit with support of Hapin.

Hapin not only provides the woman with a microcredit but gives training on bookkeeping as well. They are coached and given guidance on the financial side of things. In addition, we are working hard to develop the local business climate by setting up cooperatives. Microcredit creates in this way a new generation of small business entrepeneurs. Independent of development aid, a boss or a family.