Hapin supports small scale projects that directly benefit the indigenous population of Papua. Starting from the strength of Papuan talent we expect Papuans to take the initiative in the application process. They know as no one else about local conditions and needs.


Related to the protection of the means of production and the wish for more vocational training is the fact that the people should be able to make more money from the wealth of their natural environment. Instead of the environment being just the subsistence for livelihood, small steps could be taken to monetize its wealth. In fact it is all about the development of indigenous entrepreneurship, including marketing skills. However, using the already existing knowledge and capacity of the people in economic activities is a pre-condition. Many projects fail because techniques and methods introduced were totally new to the beneficiaries. Often, in the non-participatory phase of project design no effort was made of building upon existing economic potential of the communities.

Income generating is very important for self-determination at the family and community level. It provides money for schooling and medicine and allows the people more freedom of choice. Consequently, Hapin supports small scale economic development.

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